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One brand – all solutions! We offer the world’s widest, deepest range of motor and gear oils, fuel and oil additives, care products, chemical problem-solvers and service products. In premium quality – always and everywhere. Recognized by consumers and trade professionals for our high-quality lubricants and our strong focus on quality innovation.

Extensive range

Car Kit Lebanon offers an extensive range of products covering all your lubrication needs. Our segments include passenger cars, motorcycle, commercial transport, industrial, agriculture, racing, marine and mining solutions. We offer something for every need. With our oil advisor, you will know exactly which products are suitable for your vehicle.

Highest Quality

Only perfectly lubricated motors and gears run smoothly. This is why we offer oils to suit each vehicle precisely. Fully synthetic, synthetic technology, semi-synthetic or mineral-based. Always in the very highest quality. Our oil service and storage concept – including multi-use containers, oil cabinets and other technical equipment – ensures convenient, quick and economical oil changing.

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